2018 Polaris® TITAN™ XC 800 H.O. Cleanfire® 155 Electric 1.8 Cobra







TITAN™ XC 800 H.O. Cleanfire® 155 Electric 1.8 Cobra



2018 Polaris® TITAN™ XC 800 H.O. Cleanfire® 155 Electric 1.8 Cobra

2018 Polaris® TITAN™ XC 800 H.O. Cleanfire® 155 Electric 1.8 Cobra


The 800 Polaris® TITAN™ XC model is a high-performance, cross-country tough sled. It features the Cobra track with aggressive 1.8 inch lugs, Gripper skis, and a premium FOX® Shock package.

Features may include:
  • AXYS® Rider-Balanced™ Control

The AXYS® TITAN Chassis positions the rider for Rider-Balanced Control in all riding situations – solo, 2-up, with cargo on-board, or towing a load. This platform delivers unmatched ride & handling on- and off-trail. Balanced handling on all terrain, Superior mobility, agility and performance in deep snow, Ride & handling are not compromised when hauling or towing cargo

  • Power Boosting Regulator

The Power Boosting Regulator is a new, innovative electrical power technology adapted from the automotive industry and available exclusively in Polaris TITAN snowmobiles. Delivers maximum electrical power at idle and low RPMs, Ensures electrical power for rider comfort and convenience features, such as heated seats, handwarmers, battery charging and other accessories, Easy starting

  • Polaris® TITAN™ Articulated Rear Suspension

The Articulated Rear Suspension provides outstanding ride & handling in all conditions, on- and off-trail. Delivers a smooth ride on trails and can absorb the bumps off-trail. Superior ride & handling, 16.5” of rear travel ensures a smooth ride on the trail & outstanding off-trail capabilities, Suspension geometry is optimized for a great ride & sure towing, No adjustments required to switch between solo & 2-up riding, or when hitching on a large load, Rear section of skid tips up for easy backing over obstacles, Enhances the sled’s outstanding flotation

  • Polaris® TITAN™ PowderTrac™ Running Boards

The PowderTrac Running Boards offer an optimized design for maximum snow clean out while maintaining extreme strength. Engineered for optimal strength, Expanded cut-outs minimize snow & ice build-up, Designed to provide comfortable ergonomics for seated & stand-up riding, Top surface designed for outstanding boot grip the entire length of the running boards, Accessory closeouts available

  • Polaris® TITAN™ Cooling System with Radiator & Brake System

his durable, efficient cooling system and radiator ensures consistently reliable engine operation in even the most extreme conditions. World’s most robust performance snowmobile cooling system, Ensures reliable engine operation when sled is being ridden in extreme or low-snow conditions, Cooling system includes an efficient radiator with fan, Radiator is mounted in strategic position for ultimate cooling airflow and minimal snow or debris build-up, Add the accessory Wheel Kit for maximum low snow capabilities, Brake system features 4 piston caliper and radial master cylinder

  • 20 x 155 x 1.8 Cobra Track

Proven, versatile Cobra track provides excellent off-trail flotation and aggressive traction on-trail. Stiff Cobra design lugs offer superior performance in off trail loose snow application with traction to spare, 1.8” height provides better towing response on and off trail for the most demanding deep snow conditions, Strong, stiff lugs won’t fold over like some deep snow tracks’ softer, more pliant lugs

  • 2018
  • Polaris®
  • TITAN™ XC 800 H.O. Cleanfire® 155 Electric
  • 1.8 Cobra
  • Crossover
  • Titan Hydraulic
  • H-L-N-R Transmission
  • P-85 / TEAM® BOSS
  • Single, 3 Stage VES w/ Smart Actuator
  • Cleanfire® Injection
  • Clean-Fire 3D
  • Liquid Cooled
  • 2-795
  • 85 mm
  • 70 mm
  • FOX® QS3 Comp. Adj. Piggyback
  • AXYS® Front Suspension
  • FOX® QS3 Comp. Adj.
  • 9.3 / 23.6
  • Titan Articulated
  • FOX® QS3 Comp. Adj.
  • 16.5 / 41.9
  • Gripper
  • 20 x 155 x 1.8 Cobra
  • 14 Gallons (53 Liters)
  • 1
  • 48.5" (123 mm)
  • 45" (114 mm)
  • 39" - 40"- 41" (99.1 - 101.6 - 104.1 cm)
  • 129" (328 cm)
  • 605 / 274
  • Storage System: Accessory
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Electronic
  • Standard Adjustable
  • Accessory
  • Accessory
  • Accessory / Standard
  • H-L-N-R
  • AXYS Comfort Seat
  • Option / Accessory
  • Digital
  • Digital
  • Digital
  • AXYS Deep Snow Mid 13", Matte Black
  • Steel w/Mountain Hoop
  • Riser Type: 3.5" (89mm) Fixed
  • Black Pearl
  • Standard: 12 Months / Extended: Up to 60 months in total coverage