2019 Zetor Forterra HSX 140







Forterra HSX 140



2019 Zetor Forterra HSX 140

2019 Zetor Forterra HSX 140

Zetor forterra series combines a variety of stateof-the-art features with the traditional zetor ruggedness and ease of servicing. the series includes eight models, all with four-wheel-drive, in a horsepower range from 98 to 137. the fourth generation of this popular series has been significantly updated.

Features may include:

Zetor engines use the legendary inline allmechanical Zetor injection pumps. Zetor pumps will tolerate fuel of various quality, run on bio-diesel and are extremely durable. Unlike electronic systems, Zetor injection system is very easy to service and replacement parts are inexpensive, if they ever become necessary. Zetor injection systems and turbochargers carry 5-year Zetor warranty.tantial competitors.


the forterra series is equipped with fully synchronized shuttle transmission with 24 forward and 18 reverse speeds. reverse speeds are slightly faster for quicker loader work cycles. the main gear shift lever selects four forward speeds. the range selector (hi-lo) is operated by a separate lever. each gear has three different ratios selected onthe-go by electro-hydraulically controlled power shift. top speed at high idle is 23 mph for fast travel between work sites.


Four-speed PTO (540/540E/1000/1000E) is standard. Economy speeds further reduce the fuel consumption in many applications.

The hydraulic PTO clutch pack is fully immersed in oil, to keep the plate wear to absolute minimum. Like most gearbox shafts, the PTO clutch pack runs in high capacity tapered roller bearings.


updated wet disc brakes now have ten discs, enclosed in massive brake housings and constantly cooled and lubricated by oil flow from the transmission oil pump. such generous design makes plate wear so minimal that the brakes are virtually maintenance-free. the hydraulic brake control system delivers smooth brake control at featherlight pedal effort. compared to previous model, brake efficiency has been increased by 25%. brakes act on all four wheels by automatically engaging the new front wheel drive clutch whenever brakes are activated.

  • CAB

wide, comfortable cab is fully uphol - stered and has a new sound insulation lowering the sound level by 3 dba. a foldable instructional seat is standard. the cab is acce ssible from both sides, even with loader controls installed. standard air suspension seat is widely adjustable. the cab is accessible from both sides, even with installed loader controls for the original zetor system 260sli loader. the comfortable seat with foldable arm rests is widely adjustable for operator’s weight, in height and back rest angle. air-ride seat is standard on forterra 130 and 140 and all of forterra hsx models and optional on forterra 100, 110, and 120.


rugged and simple open center hydraulic system with electronic three-point hitch controls is extremely reliable and very easy to service. it has been refined for almost two decades and has become the most advanced hydraulic system we ever built. the new hitchtronic software is unique to zetor forterra and fotrerra hsx series.

heavy-duty 3-point hitch has lifting capacity of 15,500 lb. (forterra series) or 18,700 lb. (forterra hsx), more than even the heaviest implements will ever require. the standard hitch dampening function reduces shocks during transport of raised implements. the cab provides good visibility of 3-point hitch and of the drawbar from the the seat. external three-point hitch pushbutton controls on both rear fenders are standard.