2013 LS Tractor P7040CPS-97HP





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2013 LS Tractor P7040CPS-97HP

A Passion for the Land

You often don’t have a choice to put off you work just because it’s brutally hot or bitterly cold. You need to get your work done regardless. And you need maximum horsepower to efficiently use large implements. And with applications requiring having to go back and forth for what seems like all day sure can be a pain in the leg. For you the answer is P7040CPS. This model comes with a 40 forward and 40 reverse power shuttle shift, so you can change direction with the simple move of a lever and without depressing the clutch pedal. Plus you can go from high to low range with a push of a button. You’ll also find plenty of power to work through the toughest conditions, standard creeper, selectable independent or manual PTO, 540/750/1000 RPM rear PTO speeds, shiftable ground speed PTO, 3 rear remote valves, and extendable lower links. The quick attach, self leveling loader not only has more lift capacity at 3,500 lbs. than competitive models, it comes standard with grill guard, skid steer coupler and bucket. And you will always be comfortable in the climate controlled, spacious cab. Even the front and rear wash/wipers are standard, as is the deluxe stereo with CD player.
For the ideal combination of power, functionality, and comfort, the P7040CPS delivers a lot for a lot less than you might expect.

HLA 2000 Snowblade included as well as a Norman Blower
  • 2013
  • LS Tractor
  • P7040CPS-97HP
  • Base
  • Utility
  • Iveco FPT F5C
  • 4-cylinder, Direct – injection, Water-cooled
  • 97 HP
  • 2,300 RPM
  • 85 HP
  • 26.4 gal.
  • Power shuttle with hi - low
  • Wet, Multi - disc
  • 22.9 gpm
  • 7.0 gpm
  • CAT 2
  • 6,173 lbs
  • Standard (540 / 750 / 1,000 rpm) / 2409
  • Fully Independent or Manual
  • with 3pt: 160.5 in
  • with Ag tires: 78.7 in
  • 90 in
  • to top of Cab with Ag tires: 102.3 in
  • 7143 lbs