Winterizing your Trailer/Fifth Wheel/RV


Winterizing your trailer. 5 easy steps.

If you have any questions about the process of any of these steps in further detail. Ask our fantastic service team. (506)778-8319. This blog is going over some helpful tips for winterizing your RV/Fifth Wheel/Trailer quickly. If you want to take on these tips and need an extensive breakdown, that’s where our service team comes in. We are here for you. We want you to enjoy everything about your purchase and are willing to take every second you need to do so!

It’s getting chilly and it will soon be time to park your beautiful home on wheels. So, let’s get into some things you should absolutely do before the (hopefully short) winter!

Drain Water Heater

Make sure you are not draining with hot water in the tank! Turn off the water heater off the day before you plan to do this, or you can just run some cool water through. The last thing you need is hot water blasting out all over your hands. Safety first! After you have done this, close your valves so that you don’t get any more water back into that water heater. Also, while you are in this process, close the valves to the freshwater tank after it has been emptied.

Turn on Pump to run lines dry

Off to the inside and you can go from fixture to fixture while your pump is on and open them for about 15 seconds each. This will take the remaining water out of the lines. You can also just watch each line as you turn them on and when you think the water is out, turn it off and move to the next. Don’t forget any line you have OUTSIDE. Outside taps, showers, or any other water supply you have out there.

Black and Grey water Tanks

Don’t forget to empty these tanks before storage. Make sure you start with draining the black water tank first, then the gray. These are easy to forget and sometimes are.

RV Anti-Freeze

Another way people love to keep those pipes safe for winter, is to use Anti-Freeze. The most important thing we have to say about this is to use RV ANTI-FREEZE. RV Anti-Freeze is non-toxic. You should get a winterizing kit which will give you all the valves and pipes you will need for applying both methods. Set up the kit, turn on your pump, while keeping your Water Heater and Freshwater Tank valves closed, and start running Anti-Freeze through your lines. Just as we did above go to ALL water supplies. Inside and outside. This time run until you see the Anti-Freeze come out of the supply. Be sure to turn on the Hot and Cold side of each.

Finishing touch

Pour about a cup of Anti-Freeze into all drains. This will make sure that all pipes are safe. Then clean up any spillage and you should be ready for storage.

Speaking of storage. We will have a second blog coming out this fall with some great tips for storage. Where and how to make sure your purchase stays in tiptop shape for as long as its life with you! Stay tuned for that and we hope this helps you all with winterizing your Trailers!

Remember: If you have any questions about the process of any of these steps in further detail. Ask our fantastic service team. (506)778-8319.

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